Latest Cases on Central Excise Law and Services Tax

Service tax and excise cases are one of the facilities we provide. Sunil Rana’s firm Minocha & Minocha is your ultimate space for any taxation job or registration. Service tax registration is required for all businesses that are giving services in the country. It is a mandatory indirect tax and needs to be paid to the government exchequer. We can handle your service tax and excise cases without any hassles. Sunil Rana has years of experience when it comes to handling taxation-related services for the companies.

When talking about excise duty, is an indirect tax, which has to be paid by goods and service providers. The tax falls under the central government and is another important tax you have to pay. We have an excise team that will enable end-to-end services for the same. From managing the excise declarations, reviewing products, auditing, and evaluating all the documents, we will give you beneficial services.

Why hire our services?

  • Hiring our services will ensure no errors or mistakes in your service tax returns or excise duty management.
  • We have designed a special team that is allotted to every client in order to manage their indirect taxes effectively.
  • We have efficient professionals who will never make any mistakes and stay on top of deadlines for renewals or payment.
  • Minocha & Minocha has experience of more than 18 years in the field, and we are aware of all the government regulations that need to be followed.
  • We don’t just have services related to returns or auditing, but we can manage your entire direct and indirect tax returns, registrations, filing, and more. We are a chartered accountant firm that has endless facilities for you.

It is a compulsion for businesses to pay service tax and excise duty. Hire us for beneficial amenities and a full guideline regarding taxes.